Friday, July 3, 2009

a moment in a day in a life

in our modern world where everything seems to be in a rush, specially for a corporate slave like me and many others whose every fucking minutes are gold, it is very important to have ample time to relax, free the mind, think and reflect.

everyday, i see to it that i always have quality time for myself, 15 to 30 minutes alone, reflecting about myself and thinking about almost everything that my mind could reach. whether i am at work or in my room, it is when i am alone that i can freely explore worlds that my physical body could not get into.

during these moments, i think about my loved ones i left behind in pursuit of enough fortune to give them a good life in the future. i am seriously thinking what's the feeling to finally have my own family, which i should have experienced already last year. i am also dreaming how are we 3, 5, 10 or even 25 years from now. hoping that i am making all the right decisions to be the best husband to my wife ant the best father to my kids.

i am thinking about my cheerful family back home with whom i spent all my childhood and young adolescent years. my father, mother, sister and brother, all of them i love so dearly. wishing i could turn back the hands of time where me and my siblings have no other things to do but to exhaust ourselves to sleep from playing. where we would talk about anything while waiting for the electricity power to come back to life during the power crisis of the 90's.

it is when i am alone where i think about my batchmates, whether from elementary, highschool, college and even at work. reminiscing every happy moments with them, where they are and how are they doing nowadays.

not only the friends i once knew from school or from work, but i am also thinking about my new found friends here in the blogosphere. i've met some of them and some are also working overseas like me in different parts of the globe. it seems like i have known them for years because of blogging.

all these things comes to my mind when i am peacefully alone, a few minutes each day. after my reflection, i always bow my head and asking myself the same friggin' question over and over again.

why do sometimes my shit floats, and the next day it will sink? and it varies. there are days that even the hard-like-a-titanium-steel-type shit floats and the puffy-like-a-marshmallow-and-bloated-like-a-cloud-style sinks. and sometimes it is the other way around. it's just so weird. is it because of the surface tension of the water on the toilet? or a good reason might be depending on the density of my shit that i have unloaded swiftly or forcefully.

my 30 minutes is up! my legs are cramping already. now get back to work.


The Gasoline Dude said...

Aba! Inglish! Akala ko naligaw ako eh. LOL

Insan, naiisip mo din pala kami sa mga alone moments mo. Ganun din ako eh. Madalas pa mandin ako magkulong sa kuwarto nitong mga nakaraang linggo.

Anonymous said...


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BlogusVox said...

Anong nakain mo lately? Huwag mong sabihin homesick ka, kaya ka nag-e-english.

Katulad ni GasDude, akala ko rin naligaw ako!! : D

Traveliztera said...

hahaha nagulat din ako tulad ni gasdude. hahaha... anlalem dude. hahaha btw, eto na gagamitin kong username sa blog... :)

Francesca said...

BA, ganda pala yung nag a alone moments tayo, improve language skills natin?
Try ko nga.
Baka ma improve din french ko, ahihihiii.

PS, Miss mo lang loves mo.

lyzius said...

naisip ko na yan ang punch line mo...
di na ako nagulat...
nakakagulat lang na english ang post...


kasama naman siguro ako sa mga kaibigan mo sa blogoshere di ba?

hmmmm hindi????

magtigil ka lang!

Panaderos said...

Akala ko tinamaan ka ng matinding inspirasyon, Pards. :) Pero oks na oks ang pagkasulat mo. Napapa-Ingles ka pala pag nakaupo ka sa trono. :D Biro lang.

a.r.d.y.e.y. said...

@insan gasul, alam mo naman pag nag-eenglish, homesick. hehehe.

oo lagi ko kayo naiisip. para ko na kayong kaututang dila. hehehe.

@blogusvox, kapag napagtripan eh bumabanat din kahit papano. hehehe.

a.r.d.y.e.y. said...

@steph, thank you steph. update ko na lang blogroll ko. bat binura mo pa yung muka mo sa banner mo. nakakatakot tuloy. hahaha.

hi ms.francesca! salamat sa pagdaan. may naliligaw pa ditong taga-france. international. hehehe.

a.r.d.y.e.y. said...

@lyzius, matagal mo na kong kilala kaya alam mo na mga hirit ko. wag ka magalala lagi ko kayo naiisip ni insan gasul. iniisip ko kung may nangyari na ba sa inyo diyan. waaaaaaaaahahaha. =D

@panaderos, nag-eenglish din kasi ako pag nasa kubeta. "oh yes oh yes!" hehehe. =D